Casinovita B7 (Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H)

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(B7 vitamin – biotin or vitamin H)
Presentation: 90 cps.
It is a water-soluble vitamin that can only be synthesized in small amounts in the intestines
and only if our flora contains biotin. It is vital for health, that's why we must provide our
body a sufficient amount on a daily basis. The name vitamin H comes from the German
words Haut and Haar meaning hair and nails. So the health and appearance of our skin and
hair depends on the consumption of vitamin B7. It is an important component of enzymes in
the body that have the role of breaking down fats, carbohydrates and more. It works as an
enzyme cofactor, meaning it helps or assists certain biochemical transformations in the body.
Vitamin B7 or H has an essential role in the synthesis of proteins and DNA, in cell
replication, it is also absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system
because fat and glucose are the sources for energy production. Without a sufficient amount of
vitamin B7, the body has a hard time managing glucose and instead of converting it into
energy, it releases it into the blood and increases the risk of diabetes. Vitamin B7 contributes
to the quality of the intestinal flora and the balanced ratio of beneficial bacteria that the
intestinal flora contains.
Benefits of consuming CASINOVITA B7:
– It contributes to the correct metabolism of fats and sugar, so providing energy;
– Ensures the optimal functioning of the nervous system;
– It stimulates the elimination of toxins and metabolites from the body;
– Treats alcoholism;
– It plays a role in the formation of cellular DNA and in the synthesis of cells
throughout the body;
– Contributes to the quality of intestinal flora;
– Stops hair loss and graying, helps to regenerate it;
– Strengthens nails, treats brittle, brittle and exfoliating nails;
– Helps to modulate immunity;
– It facilitates the absorption of nutrients;
– Prevents obesity;
– It helps you to have healthy, stretched and elastic skin;
– Prevents skin diseases and accelerates their healing;
– It has a role in lowering the bad LDL cholesterol and helps to increase the level of
good HDL cholesterol.
Symptoms of vitamin B7 deficiency can be:
– fatigue, drowsiness, depressive states, nervousness, irritability, convulsions;
– lack of concentration;
– dermatological problems, too dry or too oily skin, with a degraded appearance, hair
loss, brittle hair, dandruff, premature graying;

– neurological manifestations: pain and/or numbness in the legs, muscle pain,
depression, decreased muscle tone;
– in children, a deficit of neuropsychic development may occur;
– hyperglycemia; anorexia, nausea, vomiting, pallor.
According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
(2002;75:295–9), biotin deficiency can affect over 50% of pregnant women greatly
increasing the risk of birth defects.
Women planning to become pregnant must ensure that their bodies contain the ideal amount
of biotin, which can be obtained from food or dietary supplements.
– wheat bran powder (Triticum aestivumum) – 150 mg;
– brewer's yeast powder (Saccharomyces cerevisae) – 100 mg;
– oat seed powder (Avena sativa) – 50 mg;
– atomized from quail eggs – 50 mg.
Direction to use:
1-3 capsules a day, before meals, with a sufficient amount of liquid.
– Not to be used by people allergic to any of the product's components!
– Consult the specialist before administration!
– Not to be consumed by children and pregnant or breastfeeding women, by people
suffering from celiac disease, by people under treatment with anticoagulants or by
those suffering from gastric conditions!
– Keep out of the reach and sight of small children!
Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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  1. Bianca D.

    Value for money
    Delivery speed

    5 days! YES! That’s all it took for my nails to strengthen with Casinovita B7 capsules! 5 days! It’s incredible how powerful these natural capsules can be. I can’t wait to see the effects on my hair now!

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