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Cancer is a large group of serious diseases that are increasingly widespread, the number of patients with cancer in recent years is increasing. After cardiovascular diseases, cancer is the second leading cause of death in Europe, according to statistics. Latest studies have shown that lifestyle has a major role, beside the research for the discovery of effective methods for diagnosing this disease in early stages they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. Cancer is caused by the occurrence of abnormalities (mutations) in the DNA of cells and their uncontrolled multiplication. The body has mechanisms to defend and destroy these abnormal cells, but certain internal or external factors can disrupt or decrease the efficiency of these mechanisms. Since ancient times, people have discovered that the plants, beside a source of food, have certain properties and actions in the body, the study of plants and of the substances from their composition being the very starting point of the first medicines that appeared. Part of the current studies and research are still dedicated to plants, their composition, their properties and their effects on the body, because they have proven their effectiveness in many oncological conditions. The dietary supplements from this kit contain natural plant substances with multiple effects, beneficial to those who already suffer from serious conditions or who want to prevent the appearance and multiplication of cells with mutations that can lead to cancer.


ANTICANCER FORTE KIT includes 3 dietary supplements: ONCONOVICAL, Graviola Duo and CASINOVITA B15.


Benefits of consuming the products contained in ANTICANCER FORTE kit:


  • Brings a supply of extra nutrients and micronutrients necessary to maintain health;
  • Ensures a high level of antioxidants needed to neutralize the harmful effects caused by excess free radicals in the body;
  • Increases the body’s energy level;
  • Prevents the formation of abnormal cells;
  • Stops the multiplication of cancer cells;
  • Stimulates the proper activity of the immune system;
  • Contributes to balancing the intestinal flora, an important part of the immune system;
  • Accelerates and eases the body’s detoxification processes;
  • Ensures better cellular oxygenation;
  • Alkalizes the liquids from the body;
  • Contains natural substances with protection and regeneration role of the liver;
  • Regulates blood pressure;
  • Activates apoptosis (programmed death of sick cells);
  • It slows down the evolution of the diseases, stops the development of metastases;
  • It balances the functions of the body, contributes to the improvement of the general state of health;
  • Reduces pain and inflammation in the body;
  • Protects healthy tissues;
  • Improves the activity of natural killer NK cells (white blood cells, which can destroy tumor cells);
  • It has adaptogenic properties, it contributes to the regulation of processes in the body.


Direction to use

  • For each dietary supplements contained in the kit, direction to use are written on the box;
  • For more details about each product contained in the kit, visit where you can find the full range of products from MEDICINAS portfolio.



  • Before use, carefully read the instructions from the label for each product.
  • Do not use by people allergic to any of the product components!
  • The products should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of small children!


Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.


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