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Contributes to stop metastases
Modified citrus pectin (MCP) – 465 mg./cps.
Presentation: 150 cps.
Metastasis are the spread of cancer from one organ or part of an organ to another. The area
where the first malignant cells appear and multiply is called the primary Tumor (tumor).
Because the tumor is also fed by blood or lymph, some cells may detach from the primary
tumor and pass through the blood and/or lymph and stop in other areas of the body, often in
another area that filters the blood (liver, lungs , brain, bones, ganglia, etc.). Secondary tumors
can also form on the same organ near the primary tumor. Cancer patients do not have very
obvious symptoms, so almost half of those diagnosed already have metastases. Detected in

the early stages, cancer has a high cure and survival rate. Becomes more difficult when
metastases occur, they are quite difficult to treat and have a high mortality rate. Stopping and
destroying metastases is by far the greatest clinical challenge associated with cancer. Cancer
cells establish their own blood supply to feed, grow, and develop other tumors. As an
alternative helping therapy, we propose the product TUMOPECTIN, which contains
modified citrus pectin. In the search for natural substances that could be useful in the control
and treatment of metastases, modified citrus pectin (MCP – modified citrus pectin – Engl.)
was discovered and researched, a non-assimilable polysaccharide in the body, rich in
galacturonic acid, soluble in water, obtained from citrus peel and pulp, modified by pH
adjustment and high temperature treatment. It has emerged as one of the most promising anti-
metastatic drugs. MCP has been shown to be useful in vitro, in vivo, or both against prostate
carcinoma, colon carcinoma, breast carcinoma, melanoma, multiple myeloma, and
hemangiosarcoma. So, how does this natural nontoxic substance affect the metastatic spread
of various malignancies? MCP is rich in β-galactose and the main established mechanism of
action for MCP is by antagonizing (destroying the old element and producing a new one) a β-
galactose-binding protein galectin-3 (Gal-3). Scientific evidence suggests that pectin
fragments with a low molar mass but rich in galactose bind to galectin-3 (GAL3)-related
protein. This binding can block GAL3 interactions with other proteins and peptides,
inhibiting their ability to promote cell adhesion and migration, thereby preventing tumor
Simply said, MCP alters or disrupts, prevents cancer cells from coming together (adhering),
disrupts the way cells communicate with each other, the interaction between them. It
interrupts the ways in which they feed and multiply, so it prevents the appearance of new
tumors, stops the growth of existing ones. The anti-adhesion properties of MCP as well as its
potential for enhancing apoptotic (programmed death) responses of tumor cells are discussed
in light of a potential use of this substance in the treatment of several human malignancies.
The MCP contained in TUMOPECTIN also helps to remove heavy metals from the body by
chelation. Chelation derive from the Greek word "echelei", which means "claw". This means
that the chelating agents grab the heavy metals in their claws, bind to them and flush them out
of the body through urine or faeces. The existence of heavy metals in the body can contribute
to the worsening of many health problems. Toxic heavy metals such as: mercury, cadmium,
lead, uranium and aluminum can enter in our body through water, food, air or can be
absorbed through the skin. Toxins from heavy metals can create enormous damages in our
body, in many cases they can also lead to cancer. Our body has certain natural chelation
mechanisms of its own, but nowadays due to industrialization, pollution, chemical and
pharmaceutical industry, the amount of heavy metals we have in the body can exceed its own
natural chelation capacity. That is why it is very good to ensure an additional intake of
chelating agents, a very useful one being modified citrus pectin from Tumopectin.
– atomized (on a bed of nutriose) from 70% vinegar from Mandarin fruit/ Citrus
reticulata and 30% vinegar from Orange fruit/ Citrus sinensis – 270mg;
– mixture of 70% Mandarin/Citrus reticulata fruit powder and 30% Orange/Citrus
sinensis fruit
Direction to use:
– 1-5 capsules per day, divided into 1-3 doses before main meals with a glass of plain
– The dose differs, depending on the general condition of the person and the stage of the

Useful in prevention, especially for people with genetic predisposition, family history of
oncological diseases.
– Not to be used by people allergic to any of the ingredients!
– Not to be consumed by pregnant or lactating women.
– Consult the specialist before use!
– Keep out of the reach and sight of small children!
Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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  1. Veronica L.

    Value for money
    Delivery speed

    I am Veronica, 34 years old, and I take Tumopectin preventively because both of my parents died of cancer. What I have observed from these capsules: I am no longer constipated at all; I feel completely detoxified, as if a weight has been lifted off my arms and chest; I have reached a normal weight by losing 5 kg easily; I no longer have panic attacks and anxiety; I have an overall feeling of well-being in my body. Tumopectin worked for me, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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