Canticer Cancer Treatment
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Canticer – 2 Weeks Supply – 120cps.

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The most efficient product!
Presentation: 120 cps.
Natural treatment, based on the combined effects of 7 essential plants, helps restore
the body by regulating Yin and Yang energies. Useful in treating cancer, diabetes and other
serious modern diseases. 7 plants, one product that wins the fight against cancer. CANTICER
is obtained from the experience of 4 millennia of oriental medical philosophy and 10 years of
in-depth research in the field. Most of those who fall prey to this terrible disease, resort to
long and expensive treatments, so that in the end, in the vast majority of cases, they are killed
by this modern enemy of man. If patients have faith in the healing power of nature, the
experience and results of traditional Asian medicine show us that the outcome of the fight
against cancer can be a happy one. Illness arises from the worries and annoyances that invade
our daily lives, stress, this enemy of our times. But the miracle of recovery lies within each of

us. We just have to open our eyes and look with confidence and hope into the future. Few
people actually know the truth about healing: nature is the best doctor. The cancer cell is part
of the human body, it does not come from outside it – explain the practitioners of traditional
Chinese medicine – and it has transformed due to certain disorders of the body caused by the
way we live our lives today. Cancer cells in the body are destroyed, the production of new
normal, healthy cells is stimulated by this natural product – CANTICER – composed of a
combination of plants with a strong antioxidant effect, discovered by traditional Chinese
medicine. The amount of energy indispensable to the body and the blood, the carrier of life,
are potentiated by CANTICER, regenerating them, establishing the inner balance by
stimulating their activity. Conventional medication can produce side complications, removed
and controlled by the administration of the CANTICER product.
The 7 natural components recommend the CANTICER product as the most useful natural
remedy in the fight against cancer:
Black garlic (fermented Allium sativum) – obtained through the simple garlic fermentation
process, rich in antioxidants, necessary for the efficient functioning of the immune system,
vital in maintaining and defending cells against cancer attack.
Semen Coicis (Coix lachryma-jobi) – fights against tumors appearing in the abdomen
(gastrointestinal) and those in the respiratory system (esophagus, lungs).
Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) – useful in the antitumor fight, stimulating the action
of the immune system.
Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) – helps the normal cell to divide under normal
conditions, NK cells are protected, increases the amount of INTF gamma; reduces the
invasion of abnormal cells – decreases the expression of metalloproteinases MMP2 and
MMP9; reduces the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the bone marrow.
Jiaogulan herb (Gynostemmatis pentaphyllum) – increases the degree of cell regeneration,
strengthens the body, soothes pain.
Cactus, Erect pricklypear (Opuntia Dillenii Haw) – inhibits inflammatory pathways,
modulates apoptosis markers with good antioxidant properties.
Hyriopsis Cuminingii Shell – helps eliminate toxins from the body, calms the mind,
stimulates the production of new tissues.
– 10:1 extract from black garlic bulbs (fermented Allium sativum) – 120 mg;
– 10:1 extract from aerial parts of Gynostemma pentaphyllum – 100 mg;
– fruit powder with 10% charantin from Bitter Cucumber (Momordica charantia) – 80
– 10:1 extract from Cactus (Opuntia Dillenii Haw) – 50 mg;
– 5:1 hydroalcoholic extract from Coix lachryma-jobi seeds – 50 mg;
– Hyriopsis cumingii shell powder – 50 mg;
– Reishi mushroom powder (Ganoderma lucidum) – 50 mg.
The manufacturer, Qingdao Heshoutang TCM Healthcare Co., Ltd., a medicine company in
China, after a decade of trials, achieved the perfect balance between the 7 herbs used. The
perfect synergy of the properties of the ingredients to eliminate the causes of the disease was
achieved through the consistent application of traditional Chinese medicine, taken over by
Heshoutang specialists.
The secret of the product!
The human body, seen as a whole made up of parts that work together in harmony to sustain
life, is the starting point of traditional oriental medicine. The fathers of the ancient Chinese

medical system discovered that the first step in establishing a diagnosis and treatment is to
understand the profound causes of the disease. Slowing down or blocking the vital fluids
passing through a certain point in the body can cause cancer. A tumor begins to form and
cancer cells appear if this fact persists for a long time at that point. An obvious imbalance
appears in the body, due to the loss of energy, with external manifestations of continuous,
chronic fatigue.
The blockage leads to the heating of the formed tumor, compared to the rest of the body.
The CANTICER product was designed precisely for this fight, which restores the patient's
vital energy, strengthens all the affected organs and restores the normal circulation of fluids
at the point (place or organ) where the cancerous tumor was formed. In this way, with the
help of CANTICER, the sufferer receives real help to reduce and eliminate the complications
that may appear in conventional therapies and contributes to cancer remission from the first
weeks of treatment.
Canticer's secret? Decreasing the temperature of the tumor, directly resulting the destruction
of diseased tumor cells and the stimulation of the production of new, normal cells.
Effects of CANTICER:
– Contributes to strengthening the immune system;
– Helps reduce inflammation and pain;
– Helps reduce localized symptoms;
– Helps to inhibit the development of cancer cells;
– Helps to increase the production of lymph cells;
– Helps fight insomnia.

– Adverse reactions are not known.
– 10 years of formula research.
– 100% natural plant product.
– United States of America FDA certificate.
– EU MS Certified
– Approved and notified by IBA Romania.
CANTICER was formulated using traditional Chinese medicine techniques.
The herbs used in this combination are applied to help improve the human body's ability to
fight cancer, improve painful symptoms and "melt" tumors that have formed over time.
These plants used in the product combination are rigorously and carefully selected by the
manufacturer, in order to guarantee their originality and quality.
CANTICER is manufactured under GMP, QS and ACCP conditions.
CANTICER is administered during a balanced rest and sleep regime. The traditional culture,
applied in the creation of this product, takes into account several criteria that can produce and
develop cancer: environment, diet, lifestyle, type and emotional behavior.
If harmful elements affecting the blood and qi (vital energy) act for a long time, they can
produce a local accumulation of pathological residues that produce an abnormal growth of
diseased tissues within the body. TCM indicated some general pathological problems of
cancer patients:
Key components in the administration of CANTICER:
– Decreases toxic killer fever to slow cancer progression;
– It acts on cancer cells by destroying them, stimulates the reproduction of normal cells;
– Cleanses the blood and qi to properly nourish the body, strengthens the immune
system to fight cancer;
– Creates positive energy that helps fighting cancer;

– Eliminates mucus and fluid accumulations to help organs and cells assimilate
nutrients more easily;
– It balances and harmonizes the yin and yang energies of the body;
– It reduces the effects and complications that occur in allopathic therapies;
– Better protection of the body against radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.
CANTICER is a very valuable alternative remedy for cancer patients and its components are
natural, with no harmful side effects reported so far.
Direction to use:
– Take 3 capsules 3 times a day, before meals.
Treatment based on CANTICER – vegetable capsules, is generally administered between 2
and 12 months.
Treatment is recommended until the cancer completely disappears from the body. The
strongest effects is observed after 2-3 months of treatment, when diabetes (hyperglycemia)
and hypertension disappear due to the restoration of blood circulation.
Blood glucose and blood pressure values should be checked periodically during treatment.
CANTICER is authorized both in the European Union and in the United States of America
and Japan, complying with the GESIN standard.
In order to boost effects of CANTICER treatment, it is good to change your lifestyle: stress,
unhealthy diet (cold, spicy, fatty foods must be eliminated), all excesses, depressions,
sedentarism and other unhealthy habits must be eliminated as much as possible. This
increases the tolerance of the body, reduces the side effect of allopathic treatments
(recommended to be done in parallel with the administration of CANTICER).
Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps stabilize the body and prevent relapses.
The product has good effects on the mind and maintains an optimistic mood. At the
beginning of treatment (in the first month) you will be slightly sleepy, a good thing, because
lack of sleep induces stress. From the first weeks of taking the product, you will notice
increasing the appetite, the digestive system will recover. Infections, of any kind, in the body
are also reduced. As the treatment continues, your body processes the substances from the
seven plants in the composition of the product, regulates hemoglobin and the number of
leukocytes. The product is hepatoprotective, restores liver functions. It is recommended to
significantly reduce the consumption of alcohol, ideally to give up this vice for good.
Accumulated toxins and residues begin to be dissolved and eliminated through the lymphatic
system from the lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen.
– CANTICER should not be taken by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.
– Do not exceed 9 capsules of CANTICER per day without your doctor's advice.
– CANTICER is not indicated for people with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
– Consult your doctor or pharmacist before administration!
– Keep out of the reach and sight of small children!
Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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  1. Dora M.

    Value for money
    Delivery speed

    I was also affected by a treacherous uterine cancer. I had everything removed, and it was important that I did not have a recurrence in the breast. I took Canticer capsules as a preventive method, and after 6 years, there was no recurrence. Moreover, I feel detoxified and revitalized, as if I were born again!

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