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The cardiovascular system includes the heart, all blood and lymphatic vessels. Through the complex network of blood and lymph vessels, the necessary oxygen and nutrients are transported to every cell in the body and the deoxygenated and toxin-rich blood is returned to the heart. The heart is an organ like a pump, it contracts rhythmically and pumps blood from uterine life until death. Without the proper functioning of the heart and without all the blood vessels in good condition, even the thinnest vessels, we cannot be healthy. The provision of oxygen and nutrients together with the transport of waste from tissues and organs have a big  influence on the general state of health.

Blood vessels in good condition mean they are elastic and flexible, with clean inner walls, free of fatty deposits. Good blood circulation also depends on blood quality, clotting speed, blood density and viscosity. To ensure the health of the heart, blood vessels and optimal blood parameters, this kit contains natural ingredients that act on the causes that lead to poor blood circulation, have antioxidant effects, maintain the youth and elasticity of the blood vessels, prevent the increase of the blood pressure and contribute to regulate the blood pressure, it provides the necessary vitamin C, essential for the synthesis of collagen in the walls of the  blood vessels. Among the factors that influence the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, we mention sedentary lifestyle, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, stress, smoking, aging. The active ingredients from the plants found in the kit have effects on the causes that lead to the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and also relieve the effects that occur in the body from cardiovascular diseases. Take the support of these dietary supplements for your circulatory system health, along with healthy food, positive thinking and exercise.


CARDIO kit contains 3 dietary supplements: CardiOKare, CASINOVITA C and CASINOVITA B6.


Benefits of consuming the products contained in CARDIO kit:


  • Contributes to lowering blood pressure;
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides;
  • Helps lower and regulate blood sugar;
  • Ensures better oxygenation of tissues and organs;
  • Decreases the risk of myocardial infarction;
  • Brings an intake of substances with a role in the metabolism of proteins, lipids, glucose and in the formation of hemoglobin that transports oxygen in the blood;
  • Useful in atherosclerosis, reduces the symptoms of stiff arteries and atheroma;
  • Maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels;
  • Blood fluidization, restoration of microcirculation;
  • Reduces the risk of a stroke, relieves thrombosis, the risk of embolism;
  • Brings more natural nutrients and micronutrients, preventing and alleviating anemia;
  • Supports the activity of the heart and heart muscle;
  • Increases the energy level in the body, combats undue fatigue;
  • The natural vitamin C found in the composition contributes to the synthesis of collagen necessary for all tissues and blood vessel walls;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Antioxidant properties reduce premature aging, keep the heart and blood vessels younger;
  • Improves poor blood circulation, provides better nutrition to all cells in the body.


Direction to use

  • For each dietary supplements contained in the kit, direction to use are written on the box;
  • For more details about each product contained in the kit, visit where you can find the full range of products from MEDICINAS portfolio.



  • Before use, carefully read the instructions from the label for each product.
  • Do not use by people allergic to any of the product components!
  • The products should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of small children!


Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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