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Who doesn’t want to look and feel in their best form, as if they had a weekly subscription to a SPA. SPAs are recovery, relaxation and regeneration centers, after a visit to such a center you will feel and look better. We have designed a combination of natural dietary supplements that, administered internally, will improve your external appearance. They will contribute to the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. Collagen is of five types, is the most abundant protein in the body and is an important component of bones, tendons, skin, muscles, cartilage, nails, skin, blood vessel walls. Our body naturally produces collagen, but collagen production gradually decreases after the age of 25. Collagen production also decreases due to prolonged exposure to the sun, high blood sugar, due to genetic causes, high levels of free radicals in the air or in the body, after menopause, or diet deficiencies. In order to synthesize collagen, the body needs other nutrients in this process, an important nutrient for collagen synthesis being vitamin C, which the human body does not synthesize, so it must be obtained from food. Another group of nutrients important for health and beauty are B-complex vitamins. These are a group of water-soluble vitamins that the body does not synthesize, so also we must provide them from food or dietary supplements. In nature they coexist, in different proportions, we have chosen natural products with a high content of vitamins B3 and B7 for the visible health of hair, skin and nails. Take care to ensure the increased need of nutrients, especially after the age of 50, this will also be reflected in your outer beauty.

Be the best version of yourself, use the products contained inSPA kit.


SPA KIT contains 3 dietary supplements: CASINOVITA B3, CASINOVITA B7 and CASINOVITA C


Benefits of consuming products contained inSPA kit:


  • Maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin, restores the brightness of your skin;
  • Restores the beauty of the hair, it shines, it no longer falls excessively and the thread no longer breaks easily;
  • Nails become healthy, break-resistant and with a smooth surface;
  • Maintains joint mobility;
  • Increases the level of vital energy;
  • Prevents infections, fights diseases of the respiratory system;
  • Contributes to maintaining and restoring bone density;
  • Neutralizes the effects of harmful solar radiation, contributes to faster healing of wounds and scars;
  • Contains essential nutrients for eye health;
  • Increases the mobility of joints, the elasticity of tendons and ligaments;
  • Delays the appearance of signs of premature aging of the skin, the onset of specific conditions with advancing age;
  • Contributes to the optimal functioning of the nervous system;
  • Provides a general state of well-being, increases self-confidence;
  • Maintains elasticity and resistance of blood vessels;
  • Reduces the effects caused by oxidative stress in the body;
  • Balances emotional states, reduces fits of anger, nervousness;
  • Contributes to the regulation of blood sugar;
  • Promotes the efficient functioning of the immune and nervous system;
  • It contains nutrients necessary for a good metabolism, so it facilitates digestion;
  • Supports the body during periods of intense physical or intellectual effort.


Direction to use

  • For each dietary supplements contained in the kit, direction to use are written on the box;
  • For more details about each product contained in the kit, visit where you can find the full range of products from MEDICINAS portfolio.



  • Before use, carefully read the instructions from the label for each product.
  • Do not use by people allergic to any of the product components!
  • The products should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of small children!


Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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