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3 Months Urocistin SuperForte – treatment for 3 months

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Restores normal bladder functions
Presentation: 60 capsules
UROCISTIN SuperForte is a natural remedy with multiple effects: eliminating urinary
infections, preventing their recurrence, restoring the intestinal flora and increasing the body's
If it is taken into account that more than 85% of urinary infections are caused by bacteria in
the intestine or vagina, the premix of probiotics in the composition becomes extremely
useful, which, in addition to the property of inhibiting the recurrence of urinary infections,
can relieve the inflammatory disease intestinal, bacterial vaginitis and Heliobacter Pylori
How UROCISTIN SuperForte works in the body:
– relieves urinary infections;
– alleviate cystitis (frequent urinary infection, caused by bacteria – Escherichia coli,
Enterobacter, Proteus, staphylococci, streptococci, etc. or by the fungus Candida
– stop the feeling of pain or burning when urinating;
– remove the feeling of frequent urination;
– eliminates frequent urination, in small quantities;
– supports the process of eliminating toxins at the level of the kidneys and metabolism
products (uric acid, urea);
– has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties;
– regenerates intestinal flora;
– treats chills and fever;
– removes nausea and vomiting;
– it has antioxidant properties and supports immunity.
Composition, therapeutic action and benefits:
Dog rose fruit (Rosa canina):
– quickly destroys bacteria;
– has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties;
– prevents the formation of kidney stones (stones and sand).

Parsley leaves (Petroselinum crispum):
– has antioxidant and detoxifying properties – helps to eliminate uric acid;
– relieves kidney inflammation;
– drains excess fluids from the body;
– it is successfully used in cystitis, pyelitis, nephritis;
– combats painful urination, the pressure felt on the urinary bladder and the inability to
Dry extract from American blueberry fruit (Vaccinium macrocarpon):
– has a strong action to annihilate E-coli bacteria;
– reduces the risk of recurrent urinary infections;
– accelerates the healing of chronic urinary infections.
Sage leaves (Salvia officinalis):
– it has antiseptic properties – inhibits the development of E-coli bacteria and other
infectious agents;
– reduces inflammation;
– regenerates tissues damaged or destroyed by bacteria.
Probiotic premix: Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
– balance and restore the intestinal flora destroyed by the repeated use of antibiotics:
– regenerates "friendly" bacteria, which limit the action of harmful germs;
– strengthen the immune system.
– Dry hydroethanolic extract of Dog rose fruit (Rosa canina) containing 50% C vitamin
– 120 mg;
– Dry hydroalcoholic extract 4:1 from Parsley leaves (Petroselinum crispum) – 100 mg;
– Dry hydroethanolic extract 80:1 from American Blueberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
fruits containing 40% proanthocyanidins – 90 mg;
– Dry hydroethanolic extract of Sage leaves (Salvia officinalis) containing 15% ursolic
acid – 22.5 mg;
– Premix of probiotic cultures – 20 mg: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus
Rhamnosus based on corn starch in a ratio of 15-35-50%.
Direction to use:
– 1 capsule 2 times/day, after main meals.
– The product is recommended for adults only.
– Not to be used by pregnant women, lactating women and by people who are allergic
to any of the ingredients.
– Consult your doctor or pharmacist before administration!
Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.
Suggestions to avoid urinary infections:
– drink at least 2 liters of water daily, for a good diuresis;
– maintain proper intimate hygiene, avoide products with acidic PH for intimate
– empty the bladder as soon as the sensation appears and as soon as possible after
sexual contact;

– avoid underwear made from synthetic materials, tight-fitting pants or swimsuits that
are difficult to dry;
– use underwear made of natural materials (ex. cotton);
– avoid frequent vaginal washes;
– don’t exceed using antibiotics, unless your doctor recommend it;
– protect your lower back region, the kidneys, against the cold.

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