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Twice as useful, twice as powerful
Presentation: 150 cps.
Graviola (soursop) is an evergreen tree from tropical and subtropical regions, one of the most
studied plants due to the anticancer properties of the phytochemicals it contains. The first
scientific studies date back 50 years, so far 102 different annonacean acetogenins have been
identified, grouped into 10 distinct types. Older researches write of 82 types of acetogenins
and this demonstrates the great interest of researchers for the discovery of new treatments and
useful substances in Soursop, without adverse effects, in the treatment of oncological
The annonacean acetogenins have also proven their usefulness in types of cancer forms with
resistance to other drug treatments. Annonaceous acetogenins induce selective apoptosis of
diseased cells (the process of self-destruction of a cell in response to a certain signal), without
affecting healthy cells. Cell apoptosis in tumor tissue is the key to finding a successful
anticancer agent. So far 212 bioactive substances with positive effects on our health have
been discovered in Graviola. Some of the substances are common to all parts of Graviola but
there are also distinct substances found in the fruit, leaves, bark, roots or seeds. The safest
and most widely used in natural treatments are the fruit and the leaves. Studies have linked
compounds derived from Graviola to a number of anticancer effects, including cytotoxicity,
induction of apoptosis, necrosis, and inhibition of proliferation on a variety of cancer cell
lines in various forms of cancer: breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, leukemia, renal, pancreatic,
liver, oral, melanoma, cervical and ovarian cancer. The effect of destroying malignant cells is
recognized globally, but the phytochemicals contained in it have other properties as well. We
propose a foray around the world to the areas and countries where Graviola grows and tell
you below what it is traditionally used for:
 In Jamaica and Trinidad, Graviola is the most widespread herbal remedy used in most
forms of cancer but also to combat diarrhea and intestinal acidity.
 In tropical African countries it is used to relieve skin diseases.
 In Haiti it is used to reduce fever in colds. It is also used as an antidiarrheal, in heart
diseases and pellagra.
 In Cameroon, Graviola leaves are used as an antidiabetic product that lowers blood
 In Malaysia, remedies from Graviola are used in dermatitis, colds, diarrhea,
rheumatism and hypertension.
 In the Peruvian Andes, the leaves are used to combat and treat diabetes.

 In Brazil it is used as a remedy by those suffering from rheumatism, neuralgia and
 In the United States, natural remedies based on Graviola are used for cancer,
stimulation of lactation, fungal infections and hypertension.
 In India, the fruits and flowers are used against colds, whooping cough and other
inflammatory diseases and the leaves are used for their antifungal and anthelmintic
A summary of using Graviola in the traditional medicine: the fruit is used as a natural
medicine for arthritic pain, neuralgia, arthritis, diarrhea, dysentery, fever, malaria, parasites,
rheumatism, acceleration of skin healing and worms. May is consumed to stimulate lactation
in nursing mothers. The leaves are used to treat cystitis, diabetes, headaches and insomnia.
Internal administration of the leaf decoction is thought to have anti-rheumatic and anti-
neuralgic effects, while the cooked leaves are used topically to treat abscesses and
rheumatism. The plant is used as an astringent and to treat coughs, pains and skin diseases. In
many countries of South America and tropical Africa, Graviola leaves are used in traditional
medicine against tumors and cancer. In addition, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, sedative,
smooth muscle relaxant, hypotensive and antispasmodic effects are also attributed to the
leaves, bark and roots of Graviola, however some studies conclude that excess bark, seeds or
root also have a degree of toxicity, of that is why they are not used much in preparations. In
addition to phyto-medicinal uses, the fruits are widely used to make drinks, candies, ice
creams, shakes and syrups.
12% of the world mortality rate is represented by oncological diseases, therefore, the search
and research of methods to cure and prevent these diseases is the concern of many
researchers in all medical fields of which phytotherapy is also a part – Prevention and healing
therapy with preparations from medicinal herbs. It is estimated that almost half of the patients
are treated with herbal remedies or other traditional methods (food supplements, diet etc. The
rate of oncological diseases is increasing, the causes of the increase in cases are: genetic
mutations or inheritance, consumption of food treated with too many chemical substances,
increased air, nature and water pollution, behavioral risk factors: physical inactivity, fatigue
and stress. These factors usually act together to weaken our body's resistance. With all the
evolution and advancements of medicine, oncology treatments still are mainly hormone
therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The disadvantage of allopathic treatments is that
they act and kill both diseased cells and some of the healthy cells, causing side effects. Some
of the side effects of current treatments can be hair loss, bone marrow damage,
gastrointestinal damage, neurological dysfunction, immune system damage, and more.
Considering the multitude of adverse effects of medication, science is and should continue to
be focused on remedies that succeed in suppressing only the diseased cells and formations,
without affecting the healthy cells of the body. Phytotherapy has been and is still used all
over the globe as a method of treatment and health maintenance.
The medicine of the future should combine all medical and scientific discoveries with
traditional medicine, to include as much as possible herbs and/or other healing techniques for
the best possible results and without adverse effects in treating as many serious and chronic
diseases as possible.
– Graviola fruit powder (Annona muricata) – 350mg.
Direction to use:
– 2 capsules 2-3 times/day, before meals.

– It can also be taken preventively, indicated especially for people with a genetic risk in
the family (genetic inheritance).
– The duration of administration and the dose differ depending on the type and stage of
the conditions.
– Not to be used by people allergic to any of the ingredients!
– Not to be used by pregnant or lactating women!
– Not to be consumed by people suffering from autoimmune diseases!
– Do not use it simultaneously with Q10 coenzyme!
– Consult the specialist before administration!
– Keep out of the reach and sight of small children!
Dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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3 reviews for Graviola Duo – 150cps

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  1. Adela S.

    Value for money
    Delivery speed

    My biggest problem during the time I had uterine cancer was depression. I didn’t feel like a woman anymore, I couldn’t see a future except in black, I started to neglect myself and my family… Graviola Duo restored both my mental and physical health. Thank you. 5 stars.

  2. Sever C.

    Value for money
    Delivery speed

    I speak from personal experience when I say that Graviola Duo chemotherapy pills work wonders. They helped me with the colon cancer I had in 2018, at only 42 years old. These pills reduced a 2 cm tumor to one the size of a grain of sugar. Then, I continued taking them until complete remission. I recommend Graviola Duo without hesitation!

  3. Grigoras

    Very good

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