How To Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis?

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining bone health. It is also important to exercise, quit smoking, and include certain natural supplements with vitamins and minerals in your diet, which also contribute to strengthening the bone system.

According to nutritionists, the drinks you consume can help you maintain strong bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Find out below which drinks are rich in calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, vitamin C, and other nutrients:

Fortified milk with vitamin D

It’s no secret that milk is beneficial for maintaining bone health. Dairy products are among the best sources of calcium, a mineral that helps form bones. Although it is not known how much calcium you should consume per day, it is certain that your diet should also include sources of vitamin D, which is responsible for increasing calcium absorption. Therefore, we recommend starting your morning with a cup of fortified milk with vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones.


A study published in 2021 showed that fermented dairy products should be included in the diet as a way to promote bone health. Kefir contains a high amount of calcium, as well as vitamin K2, if you choose a variety that is a rich source of fat. Furthermore, a study published in 2015, which was conducted on osteoporosis patients, showed that including kefir in the diet for six months helped improve bone health and increase bone density.

Green smoothie

Among the foods that are a rich source of calcium are green vegetables. Spinach and kale contain a rich source of calcium, which helps maintain bone health. Additionally, their high vitamin D and potassium content helps increase bone density.

To prepare this smoothie, all you need to do is blend a banana, an orange, a yogurt/kefir, and a handful of spinach leaves. Consume the resulting drink immediately.

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice is not only known for its weight loss and skin-maintaining properties, but also helps maintain healthy bones. According to a study conducted on rats, grapefruit helps increase mineral levels in bones, as well as strengthen them.